Nothing beats the rich smoky flavor of meat grilled directly over an open wood fire. It was during the prehistoric age that Homo sapiens discovered the taste of smoked meat after heavy forest fires. Ever since, open fire and meat have made the perfect match. The Caveman Grill brings you back to the essence of flame grilling.

No hassle with charcoal, lids or thermometers. Just a wood fire, a good piece of meat, and an adjustable height grill grate to secure the desired temperature. The simplicity of The Caveman Grill makes grilling spectacular, easy and fun.

The result: Perfectly grilled meat. Pure delight.


The Caveman Grill is best suited for Santa Maria Style Grilling using the age-old ingredients of meat and an open fire. Just like cowboys in California have been doing since the early 1800’s.


Once the fire is burning, The Caveman Grill is ready to go. No need to wait for the wood to be burned down to glowing coals. Plus, the grill pit with laid-in firebricks creates amazing heat radiation that provides a cozy, warm ambience before, during and after grilling.


The Caveman Grill is handmade in the Netherlands using only the highest quality steel. The fire pit and detachable chassis of the Caveman Grill are made out of 3 mm (1/8”) thick Corten steel. As durable as stainless steel, Corten steel is extremely suitable for year-round outside conditions. When exposed to weather, Corten steel forms a protective layer on its surface providing a natural rust-like look and feel.

The upper parts (rim, frame with handwheel and grill grid) are made out of high performance stainless steel AISI 316. Often used in maritime shipping to prevent salt erosion and in the food industry to assure sterility.

The inside of the Caveman Grill has an inlay of high-quality fire bricks that can resist temperatures of up to 2350 F (1300 C). The bricks prevent the Corten steel body from degenerating as a result of extreme heat and create outstanding heat radiation for sustained and steady grilling. When out of wood, no worries. Charcoal and/or coals are equally suitable.

The all-weather cover (optional) protects The Caveman Grill year round. The upper frame and grill grid are detachable making cleaning easy. The wheeled chassis makes the grill easy to move around and is detachable in three parts for easy transportation.



height CM
width cm
length cm
weight kg
wheel height cm
Corten staal thickness mm
Stainless Steel: AISI 316
Wooden rack: Hardwood timber


Fat is the ultimate taste booster, but can also cause unwanted flare-ups. The Caveman Grill has an adjustable grill grate to easily secure the desired temperature. V-shaped grates and a drip pan drain away fat and help avoid flare-ups.

More importantly, the sizzling fat flows through the V-shaped grates to create a juicy and tender piece of meat with a delicious smoked crust. In other words, no more burnt meat.


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